Small appetizers

Chip 'n dipp 59

Basket of tortilla chips served with hot salsa and cool cheddar dip.

Olives 45

Large green and black Kalamata olives.

Harrys exotic snacks 29

Choose from peanuts, chilli nuts or mixed nuts.

Onion rings SMALL 54 LARGE 69

Deep-fried onion rings served with aioli.

Harrys beer sausage 45

Eight pieces of Harrys Caramba beer sausage.

Pickled gherkin 29

Harrys amazing pickled gherkin.

Chicken wings SMALL 54 LARGE 69

Heavenly chicken wings served with devil’s sauce.

Crisps 25

Choose between salted potato crisps and sour cream & onion.

Fries 49

Served with a dip of your choice.

Sweet potato fries 59

Served with a dip of your choice.


Garlic bread 52

Crispy oven-toasted bread flavoured with garlic and fresh herbs.

Antipasti 135

An exquisite platter of Parma ham, salami, Kabanos beer sausage, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, herb-marinated diced cheese, large caperberries, served with olive oil and toasted sourdough bread.

Greenshell mussels 55

Greenshell mussels au gratin with garlic, grated parmesan and fresh herbs.

Toast Skagen 96

A Swedish classic with prawns, dill, red onion and mayonnaise on toasted bread.

Goat's cheese au gratin 53

A thick slice of goat’s cheese au gratin, topped with honey and chopped walnuts.

Main courses

Tournedos of fillet steak 259

200 g grilled fillet steak on a bed of caramelised Jerusalem artichoke. Served with a creamy potato gratin and rich red wine sauce. A real favourite at Harrys!

Sticky spare ribs 229

Amazing spare ribs glazed with our own devil’s sauce. Served with deep-fried Idaho potatoes, creamy coleslaw with toasted cumin, and our own BBQ sauce.

Grocer's prime rib ragout 192

A rich ragout of prime rib served with linguine. Topped with sliced Västerbotten cheese and semi-roasted cherry tomatoes.

Lamb cutlets 285

Oven-roasted pink lamb cutlet. Served with roasted garlic &semi-roasted cherry tomato compote. Served with new potatoes and a refined blackcurrant jus.

Caesar salad 175

A favourite returns! Romaine lettuce with cherry tomatoes, red onion, Caesar dressing, crispy bacon, sliced parmesan and garlic croutons. Choose between grilled chicken fillet and hand-peeled prawns

Fish & seafood casserole 225

A favourite returns! A creamy casserole of salmon, saithe, prawns and mussels together with seasonal root vegetables. Served with herb aioli and toasted sourdough bread.

Harrys meatballs 185

Large veal meatballs served with puréed potatoes flavoured with Västerbotten cheese, along with pickled gherkin, cream sauce and lingonberry preserve.

Spice-roasted pointed cabbage 175

Mango chutney-glazed pointed cabbage, served on a bed of roasted root vegetables and pickled red onion. Accompanied by a jar of crisp salad.

Our hamburgers

Texas chilli burger 185

Delicious house hamburger made of prime rib and brisket. Served with devil’s sauce, bacon, truffle mayonnaise, creamy cheddar cheese and sweet potato fries.

Harrys cheeseburger 175

With smoked chilli mayonnaise, pickled red onion, bacon and two kinds of cheese. Served with spicy fries and pickled gherkin.

Halloumi burger 175

Delicious halloumi burger served with herb aioli, pickled red onion compote flavoured with spicy mango chutney, and spicy fries.


Mayonnaise, chilli mayonnaise, béarnaise sauce, truffle mayonnaise, Devil’s sauce, mango chutney, herb aioli, cheddar, salsa, jalapeño hash 16


Mini saffron crème brûlée 59

The perfect small sweet to round off any meal. Crunchy crème brûlée topped with fresh berries.

Meringue suisse 159

Our exquisite meringue suisse with extra everything. Served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate meringue, chocolate-dipped banana and chocolate sauce.

Chocolate passion 89

Smooth milk chocolate mousse with white chocolate crumble and fresh berries.

3 x sweets 79

Three exquisite chocolate pralines served with fresh berries. Please ask our staff for today’s excellent selection.

Large cheeseboard 165

A true cheese-lover’s dream. Our head chef has put together a selection of four cheeses with the perfect accompaniments. Please ask our staff about our selection of the day.

= Gluten free = Lactose free = Available gluten or lactose free = Available LCHF = Vegetarian